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Joint Ventures


Why Partnering with us makes the most sense

Scalable Solution

Our model prioritizes efficiency, guaranteeing a clear path to profitability. However, this efficiency doesn't constrain its scope; rather, our infrastructure can seamlessly expand to encompass even the most ambitious endeavors. With all the necessary components for joint venture success seamlessly integrated, we're committed to providing unwavering support to you.

ZERO Effort Solution

Our joint venture model is customized to meet the needs of our esteemed partner - you. Initiating a joint venture won't require an overwhelming investment of time and effort from your end. There's no need to start from scratch or navigate intricate financial matters. Your primary role? Influence. You shape the vision for your agents, and we take care of the rest!

Low Cost Solution

Our strategy maximizes cost-effectiveness through the utilization of technology, underwriters, wholesalers, & strategic partnerships. This approach guarantees a financially accessible route to profitability while ensuring scalability to accommodate ambitious growth and financial goals.

RESPA Solution

Above all, compliance is paramount to us. Given the heavy regulation within the title & mortgage industries, good intentions alone aren't sufficient to ensure adherence to the law. We've hired the top RESPA attorneys across the country so you can trust that our model has been thoroughly vetted and validated, providing you with peace of mind.


Joint Venture Impact

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Increased Revenue for Your Brokerage

Fully functioning JV will drive a consistent income stream

JV approach lessens capital investment to enter the market

Aligned to originator success – technology and process to enable cross-sell and customer retention efforts

Robust product suite to differentiate from market competitors and increase conversion of leads also, leading to an enhanced buyer experience

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Partnered Servicer

Customizable platforms to meet both client and customer expectations

High-touch, boutique experience compared to large servicers

Technology tools to support customer self-service processes as well as cater to high-touch (“concierge”) customers

Expertise in compliance with all state & federal regulatory guidelines

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Proven Success & Onboarding Playbook

Recruitment & Retention Tools

Dedicated to industry-leading customer service

We are an in-house ancillary service business, never competing in a retail space.

Greater control & transparency of home sales

Meet Our Team

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Joseph C. McCabe

Chief Executive Officer

The Surefire Group

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Derek Houtz

Chief Operating Officer

The Surefire Group

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Alicia Herrera

Director of Joint Ventures

The Surefire Group

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Adam Fink

Vice President

Home Front Mortgage

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Stace Patterson

Vice President

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